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We are glad that you asked!! Pride and Soul is an original, multi-media comedy about the hip, retro, titular musical duo comprised of Pride Jones and Papa Scott Soul, champions of the underdog. Pride wows the audience with her profound lyricism and nightingale vocals, while Papa arouses every emotion with his guitar stylings and sultry backing vocals.  Poking fun at life, love and politics, Pride and Soul is the voice of a new hybrid of funk, folk, rock and soul, with groovy comedic songs, witty anecdotes, and quirky guest-stars introduced through humorous video clips.  Plus...they're just a lotta fun!

"Pride and Soul is an uninterrupted laughfest." - Jeanette Toomer, Backstage

"Their funk-infused sound matches absurdly with the mundane lyrics of songs." - Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

Please feel free and happy - browse our site and join the Pride and Soul family.